Stock and Sale

Our Local Stock and Sale model allows us to be the ideal bridge between the suppliers and the customers. With a Pan-India customer base across multiple industries, our Stock & Sale model offers a regional distribution capability and technical support to our customers through our regional sales offices & multiple warehouses.

Our high-performance supply chain with local Warehouses allows for JIT deliveries while our partnerships with global petrochemical producers allowing us guaranteed volumes of wide range of high-quality products in polymers, chemicals and elastomers. This allows our customers to focus on their business and leave the hassle of logistics to us.

Direct Sales (Indent)

Acting as intermediaries between our Supplier & Customers, we offer Polymers, Chemicals & Elastomers for Direct Imports to our customers. Our ability to source quality products, offer smaller volumes, give timely shipments and offer higher credit terms to our customers protects Suppliers from Country Risks, Credit Risks, Logistics and Documentation Hassles.

Storage Tanks

Supplementing our Chemical Business, we lease Storage Tanks on long term basis at different ports to store Liquid Chemicals. Our long-standing experience in the Chemical industry allows us to co-mingle smaller volumes, safely handle & store bulk chemicals for our partners and customers while ensuring highest levels of HSE adherence.


Partnering with domestic petrochemical producers, we export Polymers & Chemicals to Global markets, promoting Indian brands worldwide. Our efficient supply chain & financial competence allows us to undertake challenging assignments while maintaining the highest quality standards.